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At The Health and Wellness Clinic, we understand the profound impact that massage therapy can have on both the body and mind. Our skilled and experienced massage therapists offer a range of therapeutic massage techniques to promote relaxation, alleviate muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to unwind, our massage therapy services are designed to cater to your individual needs.

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30 Min Massage: Starting at $40
60 Min Massage: Starting at $70
90 Min Massage: Starting at $100

Massage Packages
5 - 60 Min Massages: Starting at $325
10 - 60 Min Massages: Starting at $600

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Massage Therapy Services Offered

Swedish Massage: A classic massage technique using long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage: Targeted pressure and firm strokes to address deeper layers of muscle tissue, ideal for chronic pain and muscle tension.

Sports Massage: Designed for athletes, this massage focuses on preventing and treating sports-related injuries, enhancing flexibility, and promoting recovery.

Trigger Point Therapy: Specific pressure applied to trigger points to alleviate muscle knots and areas of tension.

Why Choose Massage Therapy at The Health and Wellness Clinic?

Stress Reduction: Massage therapy is a powerful tool for stress reduction, helping to relax the body and calm the mind. Our therapists create a tranquil environment to enhance the therapeutic benefits of each session.

Pain Relief: Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, muscle tightness, or tension headaches, our massage therapists employ techniques to target specific areas of discomfort and promote pain relief.

Improved Circulation: Massage therapy enhances blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues and promoting the removal of waste products. This contributes to improved overall health and vitality.

Customized Approach: Every individual is unique, and our massage therapists tailor each session to address your specific needs and preferences. From gentle relaxation to deep tissue work, we customize the massage experience for optimal results.


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  • Sports massage
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The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The Health & Wellness Clinic in Overland Park focuses on providing the finest care to treat the causes of pain and discomfort. What sets us apart from other medical centers is our focus on relieving pain and healing injuries without having to rely on painful surgery or risky medications. Our treatments provide our patients a way to manage their pain and help them to get back to living life to the fullest.

Pain Relief & Relaxation from Massage Therapy

Few things can ruin your day or slow you down quite like back or neck pain caused by injury, overuse, or medical conditions. These issues can cause everyday tasks to be painful or nearly impossible. With the use of massage therapy, you can expect reduced stress, improved circulation, a reduction in pain, and improved flexibility. This therapy loosens the muscles and tendons while increasing the blood flow throughout the body. In addition to providing pain relief, massage therapy has also been known to reduce fatigue and help with mobility problems.

Pain Treatment Options in Overland Park

If you are coping with daily pain and you live in the Overland Park area, call The Health & Wellness Clinic today at (913) 579-1154. Set up a consultation to find out if or massage therapy is right for you.


How often should I receive massage therapy?

A: The frequency of massage therapy depends on individual needs and goals. Some individuals benefit from regular sessions for maintenance, while others may choose massage as needed for specific concerns. Our therapists can provide personalized recommendations during your consultation.

Is massage therapy suitable for everyone?

A: In general, massage therapy is suitable for most individuals. However, there are certain medical conditions where caution or modifications may be necessary. Our therapists conduct thorough assessments to ensure that the massage is safe and tailored to your specific health considerations.

Can massage therapy help with specific conditions, such as back pain or headaches?

A: Yes, massage therapy can be effective in addressing a variety of conditions, including back pain, headaches, and muscle tension. Our therapists will discuss your specific concerns and tailor the massage techniques to target areas of discomfort.

What should I expect during a massage therapy session?

A: During a massage therapy session, you can expect a comfortable and relaxing environment. You'll discuss your health history and specific concerns with the therapist, who will then customize the massage to address your needs. You may undress to your comfort level, and draping is used to ensure privacy. Communication with the therapist is encouraged to ensure your comfort throughout the session.

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