Our mission at The Health & Wellness Clinic is to help our clients live their best lives possible. We provide excellent chiropractic care to help our patients reach and exceed their health goals. We assess the patient as a whole. We want to address the main concern, but also lead you into a lifestyle of being pain free. We do all of this by offering an evidence-based approach to chiropractic care by utilizing chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, therapeutic rehabilitation, and a variety of chiropractic services to help achieve your health goals.

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Dr. Connie Chipp-Nathaniel, D.C.

I’m a proud Ohioan with roots firmly planted in Cincinnati, where I pursued and cultivated my educational journey. Beginning with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, I delved into the vast and intricate sciences and comprehensive biomechanics of the human body. This foundational education provided a comprehensive understanding of human movement and physiology, setting the stage for my pursuit of excellence in healthcare.

Transitioning to Los Angeles, I immersed myself in the rigorous Doctor of Chiropractic program at Cleveland University – Los Angeles. Here, I delved into the highest levels of doctoral studies, exploring the intricacies of the human body with some of the greatest minds in the chiropractic world, innovative thinkers in rehabilitation, esteemed professors, and renowned thought leaders in both chiropractic and medical fields. Through in-depth coursework and hands-on experiences, I gained expertise in advanced biomechanics, rehabilitation techniques, advanced holistic treatments, and primary healthcare practices.

Completing my internship in Kansas City, I met my husband, Dr. J. Nathaniel, at Cleveland Chiropractic University, and together, we opened our first practice. Over the past thirteen years, as we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering exceptional healthcare to our community, our family has grown. Our 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, brings boundless joy with her confidence, personality, and laughter. Now, we eagerly await the arrival of our baby boy, Noah, who will soon join us on our journey of love and discovery.

During this time, I’ve had the honor of delivering the highest quality healthcare to thousands, from infants to seniors, focusing on primary healthcare, personalized chiropractic care, weight loss management, physical rehabilitation, and empowering our patients’ quality of life.

As a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Kansas Chiropractic Association, and Missouri Chiropractic Association, I remain committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in healthcare. Beyond my professional endeavors, I cherish moments with my loving family and find solace in nurturing my faith. I remain dedicated to impacting our patients with a strong focus on prevention, providing the highest quality of care to elevate their health and enhance their quality of life.

Katey Keaton, FNP-BC

I am Katey Keaton, FNP-BC, and I have been a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner since graduating with my Master of Science in Nursing from The University of Kansas Medical Center in 2009. With the ability to practice independently in the state of Kansas, I provide comprehensive care to clients of all ages, from birth to elderly. I excel in assessing, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of conditions, ensuring my clients receive the highest level of care tailored to their unique needs.

My nursing career began in 2003 after earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Webster University in Kansas City, Missouri. I started at St. Luke’s Hospital as a resource nurse, floating across various units and clinics to meet the diverse needs of patients. This role allowed me to gain experience in numerous medical specialties, including pediatrics, emergency care, and chronic disease management.

In 2006, I joined The University of Kansas Medical Center as a Registered Nurse Case Manager. In this position, I was responsible for coordinating care for patients with complex medical conditions, ensuring they received the necessary treatments and follow-ups. Concurrently, I began my career as a Family Nurse Practitioner with CVS Minute Clinics in 2009. During my time with CVS, I managed a broad spectrum of health issues, from acute illnesses and injuries to chronic disease management. I also took on a leadership role, guiding new practitioners and helping to standardize clinical practices across multiple clinics. I remained with CVS until 2014, when I shifted my focus to population health management and joined Cerner.

At Cerner, I expanded my expertise from both a clinical and leadership perspective. I worked on innovative projects aimed at improving patient outcomes on a larger scale. Throughout my career, I have treated patients of all ages and conditions, including preventative care, managing chronic illnesses, and coordinating with specialists for complex cases.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my twin 9-year-old daughters and 11-year-old son. We love engaging in lake activities such as kayaking, fishing, and boating, particularly at county parks and our family’s lake house in Blue Springs, Missouri. I also enjoy yard work and tending to my hydrangeas, my favorite blooms. Our family lives locally and we have three hens, enjoying a variety of outdoor activities together.

I joined The Health & Wellness Clinic because I immediately noticed and felt the passion that the owners have for helping their patients receive high-quality healthcare that has spanned over a decade. As the medical provider, I will be offering primary healthcare to the general public of all ages, pain management, acute and chronic disease management, and specialized services for men’s and women’s health. I will also be an integral collaborative contributor with our on-site team of practitioners, including chiropractors, massage therapists, and aestheticians. For clients with complex conditions, I ensure they receive the specialized care they need by coordinating with appropriate community providers.

“My passion is providing high-quality care with a focus on prevention and individualized goals for each client. I am committed to ensuring my clients assist in driving their clinical outcomes, goals, and care initiatives, and that they feel listened to during any encounter.”